Powershell – Generate AWS Inventory

As with any managed services or infrastructure services projects, maintaining the server inventory is very crucial. The server-inventory-file provides a one-stop checklist, that you can refer while you are on priority 1 bridge calls.

With a traditional data center, it is easy to maintain server/infra inventory on an excel sheet. But it is not the same with the cloud because the infrastructure is so dynamic.

The only solution to this problem is Automation. I have written a PowerShell script just to do that.

Below is the link to the script:



Also, check out my blog for Azure Inventory:



If this blog helps even one person on this planet. The purpose of this blog is served.




  1. Hi, I’ve used your script but the output in the spreadsheet is blank. It has created the worksheets and the heading in all the worksheet but the content is blank, any ideas??

    I don’t get any errors when running the script.


      1. Thanks for the response, I assume the only credentials I need to edit are the AWS_AccessKey and AWS_SecreyKey??


  2. The script does not produce any output from function Create-EC2InstanceWorksheet and VirtualMachine worksheet in excel is blank. It populates other 3 sheets. Any ideas?


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