Microsoft Script Center Contributions

Click on the links below to access my scripts for free:

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance with PowerShell or Azure.

Azure Inventory using Powershell

Extract user list from Azure Active Directory to an excel file

Delete Azure blobs older than X number of days

Azure audit report (Azure automation runbook)

Generate report for unattached Azure disks (managed and un-managed)

Powershell Script to generate AWS Inventory

Fetch Azure Page Blobs from an Azure subscription

Install nagios client on a remote windows server

Monitor Azure VM Availability

SQL Server pre configuration

Delete IBM COS S3 files older than X days

Azure PaaS inventory using Powershell

Copy Data disk from one Azure virtual machine to another

Check the Lease status of VHDs

List Azure Backup Items using Powershell

Fetch details of Azure virtual machine de-allocate operation


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